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TrueFresh Organic Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut Oil

TrueFresh is a brand new global organic brand. Established in TW/HK in October 2013 and we plan to meet you outside Greater China zone soon. Three Chinese who came from different countries met in HK for EMBA study made this happened. The Pilipino Chinese showed the other two Chinese the virgin coconut oil during an EMBA classmate vacation to the Philippines in 2008. 

Later on we found most of the VCO in the market came from big coconut product manufacturers in Southeastern Asia, and different importers in different countries just label it by their own local brands. TrueFresh independently owned boutique organic VCO workshop works directly with organic coconut farmers cooperative to get fresh organic coconuts, and then within 48 hours, we put the VCO into the bottle. 

We committed to keep this way of working to bring the world the freshest organic virgin coconut oil. 

TrueFresh 48 hours from treetop to bottle!!

♦ TrueFresh Organic Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut oil products come from coconuts that are handpicked, extracted, and bottled within 48 hours. No repackaging of the oil is done once it leaves the factory.

♦ Unique 3F (Fast-Farm-to-Factory) Coconut Harvesting system, nuts are harvested from traditional Malayan Tall coconut variety, within 40 km radius from factory.

♦ The freshness of our oils – through our unique Centrifuge Process.

♦ This organic product is also 100% chemical free, guaranteed.

What makes this product so unique?  100% organic…

True Fresh|

Our virgin coconut oil (VCO) workshop works closely with organic coconut farms,and, to ensure our customers can enjoy the freshest oil, we adopt the principle of”made to order”. TrueFresh organic extra virgin centrifuged coconut oil comes from coconuts that are handpicked, and we guarantee all our coconut oil are bottled within 48 hours after picked.

|True Organic

※ USDA, JAS, and EU 3 global leading organic organization certified.
※ Organic certificate obtained from coconut farm, VCO workshop, to the overall process.
※ Guarantee coconuts are 100% from single region, and undergo 100% cold process.
※Non-refining, non-hydrogenated, non-bleached, 100% natural and organic.

|True Value

※ Applied unique 3F (Fast-Farm-to-Factory) coconut harvesting system, coconuts are all  picked from region within 40 km distance from factory.
※ No heating of coconut, freshness of our oils is assured through our unique Cold Centrifuge Process.
※ Lauric acid content over 50%.



Makeup Remover

The most natural makeup remover.
Put 1 spoon of oil in you palm and apply it gently to the face, eyes and lips. Then, gently massage your face with circular motions; it helps dissolving any kinds of makeup without irritating the skin. Afterwards, rinse your face with hot tower and you can find a refreshed face.

Oil Pulling 

Reduce bacteria virus breeding in the mouth; improving oral health.
1.Put 2-3 teaspoons (15ml) of coconut oil into the mouth before brushing.
2.Swish for 15~20 minutes till the color turn milky. Spit oil into the trash bin.
3.Rinse well with warm water or salt water.

Daily Care 

One tablespoon per day to help its mild nature detoxifying and nourishing the body
The characteristic of coconut oil is mildly flavor, high melting point, anti-oxidation, suitable for a variety of recipes. Your body will benefit significantly with replacing fresh coconut oil for cooking.

Skin Care

Soothing eczema, dryness, uneven skin tone and other fungal skin problems.
Put on the infected area twice per day, and improvement will be seen after 6 weeks. Eczema will be improved after continuous usage for 2 months. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which helps improving the metabolism strengthening the immune system and deactivating the bacteria. Intake of coconut oil would fundamentally ease the severeness of eczema. And its ingredients similar to human subcutaneous fat, that can be absorbed easily by skin. The skin cells can be reverted by the enhancement of metabolic rate.

Add Into Coffee

Add 1 or 2 spoons into the coffee, inject energy for your breakfast 

DIY Cosmetic

Design your own formula for your particular skin.