The Bridge


“The Bridge”from a traditional food to an organic feeding, leaving behind an old philosophy and an old way of feeding. Crossing to an organic feeding, more healthy and equilibrated, further to safeguard our organism, helps the world to keeps unaltered its ecosystem. With this philosophy The Bridge, installed at the foot of Lessini mountains, after a long and careful creative research, has created at the end of 1994 the first completelyItalian′rice milk′. The continuous research, the passion and the contribution of the whole family, allowed developing in the time a wide range of cereals products. Thus, The Bridge now uses energy from renewable sources.

All of The Bridge products are 100 % from organic farming, tested and guaranteed by ICEA (Italian institute for the organic certification). Our products are Cholesterol Free and Lactose Free; many of these are Gluten Free. For a healthy nutrition all our drinks and desserts are provided by GDA information.


Spring Water  

The main ingredient of a cereal drink is water. The location of The Bridge offers the possibility to use water with excellent qualities, which gushes out at 450 meters above sea level,inside onatural park of Monti Lessini and comes from the same catchment basin of awell-known mineral water (naturally low in sodium).



One of the most important cereals cultivated in the world, and as well-known, Italian is one of the best.  It is why The bridge products are obtained only with Italian rice with whole grain, organically grown and coming from certified organic farming, whose products follow the tracing spinneret.    



A typical cereal of Northern European countries, which nutritional composition is very complete.

On the other hand, the high contribution of proteins, of unsaturated vegetable fats and of minerals, makes oats a well-balanced and invigorating cereal for nervous system.

Raw Organic Quinoa Seeds


An edible seed that is loaded with protein, fiber and minerals.  It is pronounced KEEN-wah.

It is non-GMO, Gluten Free and usually grown organically.  Even though not technically a grain, it still counts as a “whole grain” food.


Sunflower Oil 

This oils virtues are known from a long time, which has in lightness and digestibility its best qualities.  In fact, these qualities together with the low percentage of saturated fats and well-balance between monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats give to The Bridge products a particular lightness and delicacy.


Safflower Oil 

A typical South American thistle. It contains only 11% of saturated fats and 73,5% of polyunsaturated fats, particularly of omega 6 and omega 3 type, which benefits for our organism are well known. It is cholesterol free, andhelps who is following some diet particularlypoor of cholesterol.Safflower oil completes and balances the nutritional qualities of all The Bridge milks.

rice milk

BIO Rice Drink Natural

250ML / 1000ML

A completely vegetable drink, issued from organically grown Italian rice, of pleasant taste and excellent digestibility.It is naturally sweet without added sugar.

Ingredients: spring water, Italian rice* (17%), sunflower oil*, safflower oil*, sea salt


BIO Rice Drink with coconut

250ML / 1000ML

An organic rice-based drink with coconut puree as substitute for dairy and soya milk, produced with an exclusive, patented process. This drink contains no added sugars, it′s naturally sweet.

Ingredients: Spring water, Italian rice* (17%), coconut puree* (2%), sea salt.


BIO Rice Drink with Cacao

250ML / 1000ML

This drink is combined the delicacy and lightness of the rice drink with the taste and the strong flavor of South American cacao from organic farming. Its formulation ,this product is light and delicate, with less than 1% fat. Furthermore, to sweeten the product, it is used apple juice, a very important ingredient because it allows avoiding the drawbacks of sugar.

Ingredients: spring water, Italian rice* (17%), concentrated apple juice*, low fat cocoa powder* (1,5%), sunflower oil*, safflower oil*, sea salt, thickener: carrageenan (from seaweeds)


BIO Rice Drink with almond

250ML / 1000ML

The almond used in Bio Rice drink which comes from Sicily and contains good quantities of iron, calcium and vitamin A. It is advised to be used in tiredness times, when physically or intellectually stressed and for mothers during the suckling.

Ingredients: spring water, Italian rice* (17%), sunfloweroil*, saffloweroil*, Italian almond paste* (1%), sea salt


BIO Rice Drink Natural with Calcium

1000 ML

100% vegetable product, the addition of seaweed(lithothamnion calcareum) enriches the product with very important minerals, particularly- calcium, essential for bone structure; Magnesium, indispensable for calcium abosorption.

Ingredients: spring water, Italian rice* (17%), sunflower oil*, safflower oil*, seaweeds 0,4% (lithothamnion calcareum), sea salt


BIO Soya Drink Natural 


It is made exclusively with organic decorticated soybeans grown in Italy, 100% vegetable and with out added sugar. Soya drink brings a considerable quantity of proteins of good biological value, while the composition of fats, mainly polyunsaturated,and the lack of lactose.

Ingredients: water, decorticated soybeans from Italian origin* (8%), sea salt


BIO Avena Drink Natural (Oats drink) 


Its high content of cellulose helps to clean and regulate the intestine,contributing to lower cholesterol rate and to reduce quantity of lipids in blood. It is particularly indicated for children during growing up,sportsmen, convalescent people and during periods of physical and intellectual stress.

Ingredients: spring water, oat* (14%), sunflower oil*, safflower oil*, sea salt


BIO Quinoa drink


This drink is an organic quinoa and rice-based drink as substitute for dairy and soya milk, produced with an exclusive, patented process. It contains no added sugars. It is naturally sweet.

Ingredients: spring water, quinoa* (8%), Italian rice* (7%), sunfloweroil*, saffloweroil*, sea salt

** All of the above cereals drinks are free of cholesterol, lactose and glutenIdeal in presence of specific food allergies or intolerances, it is also suitable for vegetarians; no added sugar and sweeteners.