Garden Basket





Garden Basket from Australia is a Carefully selected range of vegetables and fruit for a delightfully healthy snack. 

All are natural, no added MSG or preservatives, no trans-fat, good source of fiber and Non-GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms).

As the healthy snacks, the characteristics of easy to carry and keep, suits people who are on diet , office workers, adults and children.

Snap Pea



snap peas(70%), Maltose, Vegetable oil

Made up of around 85g of raw snap peas. One of the most delicious natural snack. Gluten free. No added MSG, non genetically modified vegetables, no artificial colors or flavors, and no preservatives.




Cauliflower(85%), Vegetable Oil, Maltose

One 22g portion of Cauliflower Chips is made up of around 60g of raw Cauliflower, making Garden Basket Cauliflower Chips nutrient dense.Abundant fiber,protein,vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in cailiflower helps the body anti-inflammatory, detoxification and anti-aging.It also supplements the daily intake of inadequate of vitamins and trace elements.




Beetroot(85%), Vegetable Oil, Maltose

Crispy Beetroot are a collection of the finest crispy an delicious pieces of Beetroot. One 35g is made up of around 100g fresh raw beetroot. After vaccum dehydration, nutrition and sweetness of beetroot is well preserved. Crispy beetroot slices is one of the most natural food that contains quality iron and vitamin B12 for females. Source of fiber also promote digestion.




Mushroom(70%), vegetable oil, Maltose, Sea salt, Yeas Extract, Spices, Natural Flavour

Each 30g of Shiitake Mushroom Chips is produced from 85g of fresh raw mushrooms by vaccum dehydration. It’s also called” steak of vegetable’because of its high protein, low fat and rich vitamins. With high fiber and low fat characters, you don’t need to worry to be fat while having this snack. Up to 18 kinds of amino acid can help calcium absorption and promote collagen formation. Its abundant polysaccharide also helps you prevent cancer. Definitely suitable for whole family.