About Us


Lead Field is an importer and distributor based in Hong Kong.  We and our Taiwanese and Philippine partners created our brand new product – TrueFresh Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which are selling worldwide including USA, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We are the sole agent of The Bridge – Cereal Drinks, and, mainly selling our products in health stores, vegetarian stores, schools, hospitals, etc.  Also, we are cooperating with YataOFarm and Green Commonetc.  Yata is a Japanese department store in Hong Kong since 1990.  Now, they have three department stores and four high end supermarkets located in different main districts in Hong Kong.  O’Farm is a grocery chain store with 70 stores in Hong Kong selling mainly natural, no additives, and organic products.  

Sooner, we also carry and launch Hikari  Organic Juice from Japan in Hong Kong.  On the other hand, we are continuously looking for all good quality foods and beverages and bring in to the markets.

True Food • True Health • Real Life Style

You are what you eat!  Nowadays, a lot of contaminated foods are influx in the market.  Those are being caused by the source of water, genetically-modified (GM), anthropogenetic…etc.  

Lead Field products are accredited organic certificates by different associations – JAS, Europe, USDA, JAS, Italy-ICEA and so on.  Except organic certificates, TrueFresh Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has also got Fair Trade accredited in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

We convey not only premium foods, but also provide TRUE and HEALTHY foods.  We aim to offer nutritious and healthy food to people and bring REAL healthy life style to Hong Kong.