Branding News – 2016 Golden Organic Garden Harvest Festival in Tsuen Wan


Lead Field had honor to be invited by Produce Green Foundation on 10th January, 2016 for participation of 2016 Golden Organic Garden Harvest Festival @ Tsuen Wan.
In order to motivate people to concern abouta safe eating environment to the public, we have joined different activities to promote organic, natural and healthy foods. During the day of the Golden Organic Garden Harvest Festival, we prepared “The Bridge’sRice Drink” that comes from Italy as gifts to attendants. Wishing everybody enjoy the event and have a healthy life.


2016 Golden Organic Garden Harvest Festival


The program is for the seniors to have a gardening space in town so these seniors can spend a good time with families and neighbors. Also, we can encourage the seniors to eat healthy by planting organic food and share their knowledge of farming with families. It makes the seniors become confidence.


Produce Green Foundation is a registered charity organization(Reference Number:91/4374) that was established by a group of people who concern about agriculture and environment in fall of 1988. After 1 year, they built the first Hong Kong organic and educational farm in a valley of Fanling.The farm is expanded continually till now. The land is 355,000 sq. ft. In 2003, they build Golden Organic Garden in Tsuen Wan. In both locations, Produce Green develops organic and green life education by inviting people to experience the nature.